I am not an expert at most — well, really any — forms or kinds of exercise. But I do know how to rest. I can rest like nobody’s business. I am a Super Rester.

But honestly, a lot of times, the importance of rest, of letting your body heal and recover and strengthen, gets overlooked. We get so focused on form or kinds of exercises or intensity levels that we forget that the time in between workouts can be just as important as the actual workout.

I’m not advocating taking two weeks off between every workout. But if you’re going all out, day after day after day, you’re running the risk of burnout and worse, injury.

How you rest is up to you. Some people need a day or two off completely. Others just need a lower-frequency day where they walk the dog instead of doing a WOD. Whatever works for you. Listen to what your body is telling you. Don’t use it as excuse to slack, but if you’re exhausted, there’s probably a reason why, and rather than another workout, what you probably need is a nap.

I’m not going to veer off topic and start talking about religion, but for me, knowing that even God took a day off after creating the world (I’m guessing that’s at least a little strenuous) means it’s probably OK for me to ease up once in a while.

Plus, a nap just sounds really good right about now.