WOD Friday Aug 19, 2011

Push Press
Push Jerk

Round 1: 5 reps of each at 50% of one-rep max in strict press
Round 2: 4 reps of each at 60%
Round 3: 3 reps of each at 70%
Round 4: 2 reps of each at 80%
Round 5: 1 rep of each at 90%

No time component to this WOD, but you must complete it by the end of the hour

For RX you must not put the bar down at any point during the round. You may put it down after the round and rest as much as you want before starting the next round.

6 Responses to “WOD Friday Aug 19, 2011”

  1. Kai

    I’ve enjoyed the WOD’s this week. Manageable weight that is heavy enough to be hard, but not so heavy that you end up doing more bargazing than lifting. On top of that, a good combination of different exercises.

  2. Brad Townsend

    I just googled bargazing. It doesn’t exist. I was confused by this word. But I did enjoy your post Kai.

  3. Kai

    bar gaz ing (noun)

    Definition of BARGAZING

    : the act or practice of a bargazer

    : the quality or state of being too exhausted to pick up the barbell.

    I was crushing Fran until my legs gave out, then I ended up doing more
    bargazing than anything.

    First Known Use of BARGAZING


    Rhymes with BARGAZING
    amazing, barn raising, fund-raising, hair-raising, hell-raising, house-raising, trailblazing