WOD Wednesday Aug 17, 2011

7 ring dips
14 knees to elbows
21 box jumps
28 lunges (total)

5 rounds

6 Responses to “WOD Wednesday Aug 17, 2011”

  1. Kelie

    my guess is that it did not go over well in the morning class 😉

  2. Mary Mickley

    I didn’t go because there was no way I was doing 50 knees to elbows in a row! Guess I’ll do this one on Saturday.

  3. keith

    Not sure why it was changed but the original wod had the option to break it up into rounds if needed the challenge was to try and complete wod in order as listed without changing it into round if done this way it would have been counted as a rx. The new? Wod has more lunges and more kte. Not sure what happened to constitute the change. Sorry for any confusion