Burpee Challenge

This post is for the two or three of us who haven’t bailed on the burpee challenge…

The last day of the challenge is Saturday, Sep 17. That’s also the day of Fight Gone Bad.

Crazy Kelly, the organizer of the burpee challenge — and just about every other challenge and support group that I can think of — will be out of town on the last day.

Due to Kelly’s absence and FGB, the official last day of the burpee challenge will be Tuesday, Sep 20. If you didn’t participate in the challenge, don’t worry, you will still be able to enjoy 75 burpees for time with those who did, because it will be part of Tuesday’s WOD.

Yes, I said enjoy.

6 Responses to “Burpee Challenge”

  1. "Crazy" Kelly

    It’s a good thing I was the only one signed up for the challenge to not create a challenge. The funny part is that someone else made the challenge and someone else put my name under it…hmmm…

  2. "Crazy" Kelly

    And kudos to the few of us that are left. We started on July 5th. I really don’t feel like adding up the total amount at this point, but dang, we ROCK!

  3. "Crazy" Kelly

    No Kat, crazy and a combo of normal (Will) made it up…he is giving me too much credit 😉 What are your thoughts on continuing for 25 more days to make it 100??? 😉