FGB6 Recap

Thanks to all those who attended Fight Gone Bad, and congratulations to anyone who completed the workout. There’s something special about pushing through the adversity of a difficult workout like that. It was truly inspirational to watch people dig deep within themselves to get that extra rep or two — to keep working when every fiber in their body is telling them to quit. It was fun to watch and be a part of. CrossFit really brings out the best in people.

And let’s not forget that the proceeds from the event went to a really great cause.

Thanks also to KNBN NewsCenter1 for coming out to cover it. Video of their story can be found here.

Anyone else already looking forward to next year?

7 Responses to “FGB6 Recap”

  1. Will

    Below are the results from the WOD…

    Matt 186
    Nicole K 235
    Drew 251
    Nate 185
    Ryan M 308
    McLean 186
    Matt W 255
    Jen P 212
    Scott 244
    Laura 203
    Katie A 180
    Katie S 160
    Corbin 213
    Jonny 316
    Jacque 198
    Dustin S 294
    Ave 230
    Stacie 179
    Doug 280
    Tami C 222
    Amanda 166
    Kyle L 235
    Andrew 222
    Luke 322
    Kristy 182
    Alden 273
    John 285
    Richie 305
    Rob 313
    Paul 373
    Kat 232
    Pat 283
    Cam 252
    Will 337
    Paula 276
    Danielle 147
    Richelle 213
    Bryan 254
    Susie 252
    Yanni 318
    Troj 208
    Shannon 195
    JP 261
    Kelie 285
    Stev 316
    Mark L. 334

  2. Kat

    Just to clarify, there only a few of us that want to redeem ourselves. We plan on doing FGB on Nov 19th Sat, for the open gym WOD!

  3. kelie

    I’m in..I think I can do a little better with more than 2 hours of sleep 😉