WOD Friday Sep 2, 2011

Run laps for 6 minutes
Rest 1 minute
Double unders for 5 minutes
Rest 1 minute
Burpees for 4 minutes
Rest 1 minute
Jumping pullups for 3 minutes
Rest 1 minute
KB swings for 2 minutes (55/35)
Rest 1 minute
Deadlift (225/185) for 1 minute

Your score is the total reps accomplished in all exercises

16 Responses to “WOD Friday Sep 2, 2011”

  1. Mary Mickley

    I think you guys are truing to kill me this week….just saying…

  2. "Crazy" Kelly

    This looks like a wod the Marck’s family (Ryan and Susie) did a few weekends ago. I remember Susie kicking Ryan’s booty…anyway…I would love to see the two of them battle this one out! And yes Ryan, you would kill me in Du’s 😉

  3. Nate

    With the double under to regular jump rope conversion does that mean 15 minutes of regular jump rope or do I just do as many double unders as I can while whipping myself in frustration?

  4. Paul

    I don’t suppose anyone is going to try to game this wod. Will, are you even going to do the run?

  5. Will

    In other words, yes, I’m going to run, because it will be more satisfying to beat you by 101 reps rather than just 100.

  6. Kelie

    I am not sure I would even pay attention to Pauls’ score since he can’t count over 100 anyway. By the way Paul a double under only counts as 1 not 2 .

  7. Doug Johnson

    I think that they use this workout as an interrogation technique in some parts of the world. If they don’t talk they are forced to do this workout.

    Go Crossfitters!!!!!

  8. Paul

    Kelie you can come to the gym and count how many reps I beat Will by, if you’d like. I’ll even let you use my counting device.

  9. Kelie

    It doesn’t matter anyway, becuase I am sure Mark will beat you both 🙂

  10. Mark L.

    JP- Thanks for the distance, I have 400m and 800m measured out here at my place.

    Kellie- Thank you for the vote of confidence but i’m not sure….

    Will- Like the confidence but good luck….

    Paul- Take it easy on him….

    Miss you all and can’t wait to train with you again. I will probably do this on Sun as tomorrow is my rest and I could use it. I will post my scores to see how I compare to you beasts.

    Stay Strong.