WOD Wednesday Sep 28, 2011

Run 6 laps
50 kb swings (55/35)
40 pullups
30 kb swings
20 pullups
10 kb swings
5 strict pullups
Run 6 laps

11 Responses to “WOD Wednesday Sep 28, 2011”

  1. Will

    Yes, more running. But don’t worry, soon enough it’ll be too cold to run … so we can row instead.

  2. Non Crazy Kelie

    one more good thing about winter…ice…which means no running cuz JP is afraid we will fall..oh how I love winter

  3. Pat

    And you wonder why your named “crazy”. I don’t think it has to do with your driving.

  4. Pat

    Went to Denver last week for a little vacay. Back now. Did Mondays wod. Made chicken that night and I mist not have cooked it all the way through. Had terrible cramps all day yesterday and during the wod felt like i was gonna explode so I stopped. Feels like something is eating my intestines. Can you hook me up with a pro pack before I leave? Like tomorrow? I’ll stop in and leave a check. Chocolate works if you have any left.

  5. Mary Mickley

    Oh my aching arms and upper back. Glad I work tomorrow. No wod till Friday for me!

  6. Will

    Sure thing bro. When will you be at the gym? If I don’t see you there I’ll leave in on the fridge in the office.