Just to clarify a few things…

When the WOD calls for a clean, you must pass through a full front squat before standing the weight up in the rack position.

For a power clean, the bar starts (on the floor) and ends (in the rack position) the same as with a clean, except that you are not required to perform a full squat. A partial squat, or no squat at all, is allowed with a power clean.

Now, if the WOD calls for a clean and jerk, there is no requirement that you perform a full squat. If you can power clean the prescribed weight, that’s perfectly fine. But if you’re going for a max weight clean and jerk, you’ll probably do a squat, because it’s easier to squat the weight up to the rack position than it is to power clean it.

Furthermore, once the bar is in the rack position, you can move it overhead however you wish: split jerk, squat jerk, push jerk, push press, even strict press if you’re beastly strong.

Clean and jerk, in a CrossFit gym, basically means taking a barbell from ground to overhead in any way possible, as long as you stop for at least a moment in the rack position along the way.

We’ll talk about the snatch later…

5 Responses to “Just to clarify a few things…”

  1. Richie

    When you say “beastly strong” are you referring to Derek or Ryan?

  2. Doug Johnson

    Holy Crap…..can’t believe I did not pick up on that. Nice catch on the snatch Kat!! LOL