WOD Friday Oct 21, 2011

Partner WOD

4 tasks

3000m row
6 laps farmer walk (70/45)
6 mins plank with 45/25 on your back
6 laps run

The tasks must be accomplished by the team, not individually. In other words, the two athletes must row 3000m combined, not 3000m each.

Both members of the team can be working at the same time, on the same or different tasks. So both members can row 1500m at the same time and be done with the row task.

The tasks can be broken up in any way the team wishes. For instance, one athlete can do all the rowing while the other is working on other stuff.

The trainer will not put the weight on your back for the plank. The team is responsible for that. If you can get a different team to do it for you, though, more power to you.

12 Responses to “WOD Friday Oct 21, 2011”

  1. Will

    I thought about it all night and I can say with absolute confidence that I know the best strategy for this WOD. Whoever gets to be my partner is in luck.

  2. Will

    I’ll be there at 4pm today, Richie. You’ll have to wait till then. And really, checking the blog at 440am? That’s dedication!

  3. Doug Johnson

    Do we pick our own partners or will the trainer/trainers be assigning partners? Need to know if I need to start recruiting now!! LOL