There’s something wrong with the water at the building that houses Black Hills CrossFit. And when I say “something wrong” I mean that there is no water. Accordingly, the WOD for Wednesday is updated as follows:

1. Pee before you leave for the gym.
2. Do not pee outside behind the gym.
3. If you must pee, there will be a few 5 gallon jugs of water. Use these to flush.
4. Absolutely no pooping, unless you will poop in your pants otherwise. If you poop, either in your pants or in the toilet, no RX.

— BHCF Management

4 Responses to “WOD UPDATE!”

  1. Mary Mickley

    Crazy Kelly is going to be in trouble with these requirements!

  2. "Crazy" Kelly

    Mary…thankfully I know Walgreens and Corner Pantry are open 24 hours :). I always have back-up plans ;). Great wod today! Nice job 5:30 am group – always a pleasure!