“10 Tips For Success For The Crossfit Newbie”

This is a good one. Click the link for the whole thing.

1.) You’re Competing Against Yourself, Not Others
When it comes time to throw down in a wod, don’t feel like you have to do everything RX’d or be able to complete 20 rounds of Cindy right off the bat. Go at your own pace. Let the intensity find you. You need a solid foundation of strength and flexibility in order to progress into more demanding workouts. Start light, get your form down, and don’t worry about the mother of three who is deadlifting 250 as you struggle with the bar. Chase your own capacity before chasing the person next to you. Which brings me to my next point…

5 Responses to ““10 Tips For Success For The Crossfit Newbie””

  1. Eric

    As a CF newbie, this post was perfect – just what I needed. And, I have to say “thanks” to everyone at BHCF for the welcoming attitude and willingness to help. It’s the wod that can be intimidating, rather than the people of BHCF!

  2. Joey


    Couldn’t agree more. I just finished fundamentals and finished the WOD today in 29 min and 8 seconds. For me that was a great workout and I was pushing to the end. The article really enforced what I was already thinking!

    And also, like Eric said, thanks to everyone at BHCF.

  3. kelie

    even as a croosfit “oldie” you can always use a reminder of what it is really all about. Awesome post that put into words what so many people feel. Should be required reading before you graduate fundamentals 😉