“A Clean Workspace”

This is a great post from CrossFit West’s website. Click the link for the rest.

I have had tons of tweaks and aches from about a decade of CrossFit, but only one injury that really forced me to change my training. It was in the old HQ and I was taking Amundson’s class. I was moving across the crowded floor from one station to another and I stepped on the dangling end of the climbing rope that was lying on the floor. The twist of my ankle resulted in some strained ligaments that left me on crutches for at least a week and a cane for a while after. It certainly did not help my training any. There were not any rope climbs in the WOD we were doing that day in Greg’s class, so there was no reason for the rope not being tied up.

I learned a very important lesson that day, one which would have kept me from hurting myself if I had thought of it before the WOD.

Always tidy up your workspace before starting a WOD.