WOD Thursday Dec 29, 2011

Press OR Bench Press 1-1-1


Back Squat OR Deadlift 1-1-1

What we’re looking for here is to establish a one rep max in two lifts, one upper body and one lower body. Choose your lifts, take sufficient time to warm up each lift up, then go for your max. Make pretty sure you are able to get the first rep; add weight in the 2nd rep; don’t be afraid to fail in the 3rd rep. Record your highest one rep max on the board, and post to comments if you want. We’ll do this again in a half-year or so to see how much stonger we’ve all gotten.

As always, be safe. No ego. Choose loads that are reasonable. Use proper form. It doesn’t have to be pretty, but don’t let it get ugly.


10 pushups
20 overhead walking lunges (45/25) (total)
30 sec plank

AMRAP in 12 minutes