WOD Wednesday Dec 14, 2011

Strength/Skill: Clean 1-1-1-1-1

Go for PR, work on technique with light weight, or anything in between — whatever you want to do.


5/3 HSPU (5 for men, 3 for women)
10 front squats (135/95)
15 situps

5 rounds

4 Responses to “WOD Wednesday Dec 14, 2011”

  1. Richie

    Will, please don’t show off by doing 25 HSPU per round. We all would appreciate it. Thanks

  2. Douglas Johnson

    An HSPU is a Hold Stationary Push Up which is where you lay on your stomach and think about doing push ups. Men have to think about it for 5 seconds becasue we are not as smart!! 🙂

  3. Dan

    I took your advice Doug. They really work on building that shoulder and arm strength, almost like curls.