WOD Wednesday Dec 21, 2011

2 minute plank

250m row
50 double unders
25 situps
50 mountain climbers (total)

4 rounds

2 minute plank

If you get stuck waiting for a row machine, do burpees while you wait. Write the total burpees you did on the board (in addition to your time) for bragging rights.

6 Responses to “WOD Wednesday Dec 21, 2011”

  1. kelie

    Will, did you lose some kinds of bet, or are you on some sort of drugs? Just wondering why Mt.Climbers are in the WOD????

  2. Douglas Johnson

    We are not allowed to write anything but our WOD time on the board and whether or not we RX’d. I got yelled at for that already and I don’t care to get yelled at again. I am afraid I will lose my gym membership. 🙂

  3. kelie

    Somehow that last 2 min plank seemed like a 10 min plank..my arms were screaming!!!