WOD Wednesday Dec 7, 2011

Press 3-3-3-3-3 reps


6 push press (95/65)
8 kb swings (55/35)
10 box jumps (24/20)

AMRAP in 12 minutes

10 Responses to “WOD Wednesday Dec 7, 2011”

  1. Will

    That’s a good question. What does everyone think about this?

    On one hand, CrossFit is pretty strict with standards for specified movements, so technically if the WOD calls for a “push press” you have failed to do the prescribed movement if you resort to the jerk.

    On the other hand, CrossFit is about accomplishing work with intensity. If the options are 1) putting the bar down and waiting until sufficient strength returns to do a strict push press, or 2) not putting the bar down and using a more efficient way to move weight, thus accomplishing more work over a shorter amount of time … outside of a competition I’m picking option 2 every time.

    These WODs are about training, not competing, and my strong feeling is that option 2 is not only the better workout, but is also more in alignment with the ideals of functionality, work capacity, and intensity.

    There’s also something to be said for practicing like you play, and the Open IS just right around the corner. In the Open there really isn’t a question — if the WOD calls for a push press, option 2 is a no-rep.

    As always, everyone gets to set his or her own goals.

  2. kelie

    I’m going with strict push press..I am training myself in certain movements and while I am all about intensity I also want to be able to do the prescribed movement even once I get tired. If I go to the push jerk and the open or games(like I would ever be there!) calls for push press but I have not trained my body to do it under fatigue I will go to push jerk and get no rep;) That being said, I also think the weight should be scaled so you don’t have to keep putting the bar down. Therefore you are doing the push press while still keeping the insensity;)

  3. Will

    I might not have been clear about this, but I wouldn’t start push jerking right from the first rep. Only after hitting failure on push press would I consider option 2.

  4. Rick

    I am definitely not qualified to speak to any of this, (but I will anyway). In the end this seems to be the classic form over function discussion (in which good form becomes good function). For me at least, one should do the prescribed form (push press not push jerk) and at a weight scaled if necessary such that you keep your form in good character.

    If you have to stop, cuz you’re seeing stars, then stop, or consider a somewhat smaller weight to be near or at failure at the prescribed rep count.

    If one allows to change the prescribed work out, then push press, becomes push jerk, becomes push anything, becomes eat a cheeseburger, etc…

    Hmmm…maybe this is OK?


  5. JP

    On a judge’s stand point I would bet that they would never have a strict press or even a push press during the games. Mostly because while your going fast it would be very dificult to judge whether or not you bent your knees or you did a double knee bend for a push jerk. I would bet that it would be just move the weight from your shoulders to OH, anyway possible.

    For example I doubt you would see a strict “snatch” movement in the games. It would be very difficult for judges too see if you pressed out the weight or not.

    All of this is based on the sectional and regional level. Once you reach the games anything goes. Just my opinion of course

  6. kelie

    Very true Rick, I will use about any excuse to eat a cheeseburger 🙂 I would say you are just as qualified as any of us to answer the question!:)