Also from the mainsite…

The CrossFit mainsite has lots of interesting information posted on a daily basis. Ya’ll should check it out.

Also check out the comments to the posts. There’s a guy named “bingo” who, in the month of January each year, writes comments that are directed toward those who are new to CrossFit. His comments are well written and very informative. Here’s a sample:

So, can you get strong doing CrossFit? Of course you can. CrossFit is a STRENGTH and conditioning program, and you will get stronger doing it than anything other than a concentrated, strength-only lifting program. Is CrossFit the best way to get really strong if really strong is all that is important to you? Of course not, that’s a specialty program, kinda like only wanting to run really long distances; if that’s all that’s important to you and you have no interest in any of the other 9 areas of fitness then all you should be doing is lifting heavy weights.

But if you want to be stronger, faster, quicker, more powerful, and generally more fit, well then, CrossFit is indeed exactly what you need.

Click here to read the whole thing. It’s comment #7. Bingo usually has a post like this every day during the month of January.