Quality vs. Quantity

An interesting post from CrossFit Seattle. Here’s part, click the link for the whole thing:

That’s where Level 2 comes in. At this level you need more complex movement together with stricter technique standards. We design the workouts to be harder and, in some cases, shorter than the Level 1 classes. That’s right, shorter. To some of you—and we know who you are, you cardio addicts­—this may seem strange.

Rest assured we’ve really studied this. The difference in Level 2 is, we’re going to push you. Hard. With heavy loads. And with even more attention to technique. We want to change your perception of what “hard” is.

Think about this: by definition, longer means less intense. You simply can’t maintain high levels of force production with good technique through a really long workout. Full range of motion goes out the window. You start to get sloppy. Why does that matter? Because sloppiness can lead to reduced efficiency, reduced power output and injuries. Partial range of motion is just, well…it’s weak. You don’t get stronger, leaner, or more athletic by doing just part of a squat.

Here’s another interesting thing. We have learned that long workouts stimulate cortisol (stress hormone) production. The super-hard five – ten minute blast of effort that leaves you twitching? That stimulates anabolic (rebuilding) hormones. We want to maximize that, and minimize the stress hormones. Maximize performance, minimize wear and tear, – simple. Right? Well yes, simple, but not easy!

7 Responses to “Quality vs. Quantity”

  1. Kelie

    We want to change your perception of what “hard” is.


  2. "Crazy" Kelly

    Constantly Varied…Functional Movements…Performed at High Intensities…Varied against broad time domains…It’s all about balance 🙂

  3. Pat

    Hey Will, lets go ahead and set up a like button on the site. Paul just made me laugh out loud.