“This is how I roll”

A good article on foam rolling. Here’s part, click the link for the whole thing.

So now you know if you tear muscles, you tear fascia. What you don’t know is every time you work out, you are tearing muscle fibers. It’s nothing to be scared of as that’s how you build strength. However, both the muscle fibers and the fascia become tighter and shorter each time. Picture your body as a chain. When there is a kink (shortened muscle fibers and fascia) in the chain, it causes stress in other parts of the chain. Will a kinked chain still be able to perform its function of let’s say holding up a large speaker over a football stadium? Sure! But over time, the added stress on the chain from that kink will cause the chain to break, dropping the speaker onto the stands…ouch! Our body is durable but it’s not invincible. Breakdown happens when we get out of shape, and develop more “kinks,” making us more prone to injuries.

Foam rolling alleviates these kinks, by breaking down scar tissue and the adhesions that form on the soft tissue after repetitive use.