Hatch Squat Cycle

Gayle Hatch was was the head coach of the Men’s Olympic Weightlifting team in 2004. He developed a 12-week squat program that requires doing both back and front squats (on the same day) two times per week. It’s called the Hatch Squat Cycle.

On June 4, I am going to start a Hatch Squat Cycle. The lifting days will be Monday and Thursday. If anyone else is interested in doing the cycle with me, let me know in the comments. If enough people are interested, I’ll post the Hatch program along with the daily WOD.

The Hatch program will not be a part of the daily WOD. You’ll have to do the squatting either before or after the WOD. In reality, the volume is pretty intense with a Hatch Squat Cycle, so there may be days when you might want to skip the WOD altogether and just squat. That’s up to you. The point is, if you want to do the program, you may have to cut back on some on the WODs — or run the risk of overtraining.

The more I do CrossFit, the more convinced I am that the squat is the absolute foundational movement that we do, both in the gym and outside the gym. A stong squat will translate to greater performance across the board, both in terms of strength and performance in metcon workouts. Conversely, if your squat is weak, good luck with Karen. This will be 12 very difficult weeks of training, but I’m certain that the reward at the end will be substantial. If you want to suffer with me, let me know.

Here’s a link to the program. If you click on the link at the top, it will open a spreadsheet with details. You will have to determine your one-rep max back squat and front squat before you begin. DO NOT ESTIMATE.

17 Responses to “Hatch Squat Cycle”

  1. Ian

    I’m down, I just hope you meant June 4th and not posting this three weeks late.

  2. Will

    No, sorry Ian, but you’re already 3 weeks behind. That means you’ll have to back and front squat 6 times this week to get back on track. In other words, pretty much a normal week for you.

    Kidding. Yes, I meant June 4. I made the correction.

  3. BKemp

    I am on board with this. I am always up for some sgautting. I think that I might add some sntaches in there as well…

  4. Brad

    I’m in for this, although I don’t really understand the weight ratios.

  5. Will

    Rick may want to check the math, but my hunch is that JP’s back squat will be infinity at the end of the program.