WOD Thu Aug 16, 2012

GI Jane

100 burpee pullups


GI Joe

50 burpee pullups

Ideally, the pullup bar will be 12 inches above your standing reach.

Note whether you did Option 1 or Option 2 on the board.

There are a few different ways to scale this one. You can do a burpee followed by a jumping pullup (where you can reach the bar with your feet still on the ground). Or if you’re using the bands for pullups, you can do a certain number of burpees, followed by a certain number of pullups — for example, 10 of each. Talk to the trainer about what’s best for you.

5 Responses to “WOD Thu Aug 16, 2012”

  1. Allison H

    Wow! I went in thinking I would do GI Joe and came out doing GI Jane! 100 burpee pull ups had me questioning when I was going to throw up! I’m blaming the altitude for now since I just moved into town 😉
    Loving Black Hills CrossFit! As evidence by… I can’t walk! hahaha!