Olympic Deadlift vs. Conventional Deadlift

CrossFit Verve had a GREAT post the other day about the differences between the regular deadlift and the deadlift used in an Olympic lift. Here’s part. Click the link to read the whole thing (it’s not long) and especially to see the demo photos.

In the CrossFit deadlift, hips are high. High enough, in fact, to allow the hamstrings to be under tension. Not so high, however, that the hips are above the shoulders. Most often though, you will see CrossFitters performing deadlifts in a workout with a near-horizontal torso at the bottom of the movement (when the bar is either touching the ground, or near ground level). Again, this positioning is because of the muscles we are trying to recruit. We want the glutes and hamstrings to be carrying the load. It’s not a dynamic movement; the importance of body positioning is relative to recruiting the strongest available muscle groups.