Paleo Challenge


4 Week Partner Paleo Challenge

Starts: April 15, 2013
Ends: May 15, 2013

Challenge includes:
1) Journal your nutrition intake for 4 weeks
2) Workout attendance at a CrossFit gym and outside the gym.
*Note: the journal will not be submitted at the end of the challenge, only points earned.

How do you win? The couple with the most points at the end of the 4 weeks wins. $20.00 buy in per team.
A team includes any two people.

Check the bulletin board in the office for sign-up information.

There is a white sheet of paper for people to sign if you need help finding a partner.

Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place teams (100% of the entry money will go towards the winners.)

1) Food Journal – Max of 7 points per week, start each day with 1 point.
A) If you fall off the wagon for the day, no points.
B) If you consume 1 glass of wine (5 oz), 1 beer (12 oz) or hard liquor (1.5 oz) in the day, lose .50 points

2) Workout attendance – Max of 5 points per week
A) Work out at a CrossFit gym – 1 point per WOD.
B) Workouts outside of the CF gym -.50 points (includes anything that makes you sweat)
Note: Can earn multiple points in one day.

Notes of interest:

1) Paleo is: lean meats, veggies, nuts, seeds and a little fruit
2) Smoked or dried meat is ok. (Low sodium encouraged)
3) Deli meats are ok.  (Nitrate free is encouraged)
4) Sweet potatoes and squash, only 1 serving per day.
5) PeaNUTs are not allowed.  No peanut butter.
6) No dried fruit
7) Little fruit means 1-2 servings per day. (Berries encouraged)
8) Salad dressings need to be oil/non-dairy based.
9) Olive oil and coconut oil are acceptable.  No vegetable oil.
10) Almond and coconut milk are acceptable. (Unsweetened only).
11) Agave nectar and honey are acceptable, only 1 serving per day.
12) Protein Shakes are ok if they are low in sugar.
13) No added salt.  (Time to try out and enjoy new spices)
14) Chocolate is not Paleo.
15) No artificial sweeteners.
16) Everyone is on the honor system with their journal. Keep a daily food and workout log. Your log points must be turned in via email by the end of the 4 weeks (May 15).  Email to Good luck.

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4 Responses to “Paleo Challenge”

  1. Crazy Kelly

    Bacon and sausage are allowed. Make sure you read your labels for added sugar and sodium. Both varieties nitrate free are also encouraged. Dates are dried fruit, correct? If so, they are not allowed.