Competition Info

To answer some questions about the competition…

1. Date/Time: Saturday Dec 3. Gym opens at 8am, workouts begin around 845am.

2. Format: RX and Scaled for Men and Women. 2 workouts for everyone; a 3rd workout for the top in each gender/division.

3. Workouts: Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. If you usually do Option 1 BHCF WODs, do RX. If you usually do Option 2, do Scaled. If you do something in between, do Scaled.

4. Entry Fee: TBD. It will be applied to payouts and food from Qdoba for after. Non-participants can eat for $10.

Participants from local gyms are welcome, but we may have to cap the number from each gym, depending on how many BHCF members sign up. So BHCF members, get on that and sign up ASAP. Members from other gyms, send us a Facebook message if you want to enter the competition.

Should be done by early afternoon. It’s going to be a fun day. Don’t miss out.

One Response to “Competition Info”

  1. Christopher Garcia

    I’m interested in participating in the individuals competition on Dec 3rd. How can I sign up for a slot?
    Thanks for the help. Hope to hear back soon.