Partner Competition with Ellsworth Air Force Base

Mark your calendars…

On Sunday May 7 we will be hosting a partner competition in collaboration with Ellsworth Air Force Base. Details will follow, but for now:

This is for BHCF and EAFB only. There will be a cap on the total number of competitors.

There will only be one division. The workouts will be constructed such that everyone can participate regardless of level of fitness.

We will begin around 830am and finish early afternoon. Two workouts for everyone and possibly a third for some.

Entry fee is $25 per person. Money will go toward small prizes and food for after.

Teams will be comprised of one BHCF member and one EAFB person. There may be co-ed teams depending on how many people are interested.

There will be a signup area on the whiteboard in the office. Please write your name down soon if you intend to compete.

This is a good chance to meet some new people and participate in a low-stress, friendly competition. Hope to see you there!