WOD Mon May 1, 2017

Part 1: Back Squat 20 unbroken reps

Get good and warmed up, and then go as heavy as possible for 20 unbroken.

Good form is essential. If you can no longer accomplish the reps with good form, stop.

We will do this for four weeks. Start with something that will be challenging but you know you can get for 20. Remember what you get this week.

If you’re new to squatting, modify this by doing 3×10 instead.

Part 2: Clean and Jerk warmup


9 pullups
9 clean and jerks
9 calorie row or bike
15 pullups
15 power cleans
15 calories
21 pullups
21 deadlifts
21 calories

Option 1: 135/95
Option 2: 95/65
Option 1+: 155/105 or 165/115; strict pullups (9); chest to bar pullups (15); regular pullups (21)

“Trust me, if you do an honest 20 rep program, at some point Jesus will talk to you. On the last day of the program, he asked if he could work in.” — Mark Rippetoe