WOD Thu May 4, 2017

In 5 minutes, perform:

3 laps
45 Russian twists (total)
35 walking overhead lunges (total)
25 wallballs

4 rounds

Rest 1 minute between rounds

Option 2: regular walking lunges (no overhead)
Option 1+: heavier wallball

If you complete the round in under 5 minutes, rest until time expires.

If you complete a round, your score for that round is 1. If you don’t complete the round, your score is your reps. For instance, if you get 5 wallballs before you run out of time, your score is 0+85. If you get that same amount every round, your final score is 0+340.

If you finish rounds 1 and 2, and get 80 reps in both rounds 3 and 4, your final score is 2+160.

Modify the run by rowing 500m.