WOD Fri June 2, 2017

Part 1: Front Squat 5-5-5

Or use this time to work on thrusters and/or front-rack mobility.


21 toes to bar
21 front squats
15 toes to bar
15 shoulder to overhead
9 toes to bar
9 thrusters

Option 1: 95/65
Option 2: 75/55
Option 1+: 115/75 or more
Option 3: 30/20/10 wallballs instead of barbell; hanging knee raises instead of toes to bar

Then (optional)…

3 sets AMRAP farmer’s carry. Cap of 400m.

Here’s how this works. Once you pick the kbs up, the goal is to carry them as far as you can, up to 3 laps. You may put them down twice, and rest no more than one minute each time before picking them back up again. You are not required to put them down, so if you complete 3 laps unbroken your score is 1. If you put them down once but otherwise finish the 3 laps, your score is 2. If you put them down 3 times before you complete 3 laps, your score is DNF.

Choose a challenging weight but something that gives you a chance of finishing. It’s better to DNF than carry the 5 lb dumbbells. Record your weight on the board.