WOD Thu Jan 11, 2018

Part 1: Pistols

These might be coming up in the Open this year. Practice the movement or its modifications. See video below.

If you think pistols are dumb, do heavy back squats instead.


750m row
20 kb swings
75 air squats
500m row
20 kb swings
50 kb step ups (holding kb) (25 per leg)
250m row
20 kb swings
25 wallballs

Choose your own kb weight. Unless your name is Jonny or Jen, think long and hard before using the 70/45.

If all rowers are taken, you can start your next exercise and take a rower when one becomes available.

Option 1+: 40 pistols (20 per leg alternating r/l) instead of air squats

If you want to do pistols but 40 is too many, reduce the reps.