The Open!

The CrossFit Open is once again upon us!

This will be the 8th year of doing the Open at Black Hills CrossFit. The workouts may have changed over the years, but the fun, the challenges, the camaraderie, and the community hasn’t. It’s still the best five weeks of the year at the gym.

For those who are new to this … the Open is the first round of the CrossFit Games. It’s a five-week, worldwide qualifier tournament. The top performers in the Open will qualify for Regionals. The top performers at Regionals will qualify for the CrossFit Games.

None of us are going to qualify for anything, so don’t worry about your skill or fitness level. Even if you’re new to CrossFit, you can still have a great time during the Open.

Each week a different workout will be announced. You will have until Monday of the following week to perform the workout with a judge and submit your score. If you want to formally be part of the competition you’ll need to sign up at and pay the $20 entry fee to CrossFit HQ. This will allow you to track your scores and compare them to others across the world. If you just want to do our internal BHCF Open, there’s no need to pay any money or register with HQ, but be sure to write your name down on the signup list at the gym.

The workouts are usually pretty tough, but all will have both RX and Scaled versions so that everyone is able to participate. The challenge of the Open is one of the best parts about it. The workouts – and the environment you perform them in – will push you to accomplish things you didn’t think you could accomplish. There’s nothing quite as exciting as seeing someone get a PR during an Open workout.

Our Friday workout during the Open will be that week’s Open WOD. You can perform it during any class, or as a group at 6pm on Friday night. We will also run heats for the Open workout on Saturdays. Coaches will be available to judge your performance if you’re competing in the official Open and/or the BHCF Open, but if you don’t want to compete, you’re still welcome to do the workout without a judge.

We would encourage everyone to compete, though. It’s challenging but fun, and there’s nothing like the camaraderie and community that you see at BHCF during the Open. Like we said above, it’s the best five weeks of the year. And the Saturday after the last workout we will have our annual post-Open BBQ/potluck. Hopefully by then the weather will be nice and we can celebrate our accomplishments with our friends and fellow competitors.

This year we will be doing our internal BHCF Open a little differently. Instead of dividing into four teams, every week we are going to have different groups competing. For instance, the 530am class versus the 830am class. More on that later. It’s going to be a lot of fun. For now, just get signed up!

Let any coach know if you have any questions!