WOD Thu May 17, 2018

20 box jumps
30 Russian twists (total) (20/14)
20 burpees
30 walking overhead lunges (total) (20/14)

AMRAP in 21 minutes

After each round, you must do one of the following:

3 laps
2 lap with one kb
1 lap with 2 kbs

You may vary the outside work however you wish. For example, one round can be 3 laps with no kb, one round can be 2 laps with 1 kb, etc.

You must complete the outside work to get credit for the round. For example, if you finish your 3rd round inside, and aren’t able to finish the outside work before time expires, your score would be 2+100.

Option 1: 55/35 kb(s)
Option 2: 35/25 kb(s)
Option 1+: 70/45 kb(s); heavy wallball

Then (optional)…

Practice a weakness or difficult movement such as overhead squat. Or get a good arm pump with some tricep extensions and bicep curls.