WOD Mon June 11, 2018

Part 1: Press or Bench Press 5-5-5+

Last set is for max reps, Wendler style.


Box Jumps
Shoulder to Overhead


AMRAP in 14 minutes. Cap of 6 rounds.

Option 1: 95/65
Option 2: 75/55
Option 1+: 115/75

Modify the pullups by jumping or by doing ring rows.

Then (optional)…

In 4 minutes:

20/16 cal row or bike
20 back squats (165/115)
20/16 cal row or bike
AMRAP burpees (cap of 20)

Squat from the rack if desired. The weight should be moderate and should take no more than one or two sets to complete. Reduce weight accordingly.

Your score is the number of burpees completed. If you get 20, write your time on the board.