WOD Thu July 12, 2018

Part 1: Overhead Squat 4×3

Go heavy, or just work on mobility.


2 laps OR 300m row
9 overhead squats OR 12 front squats OR 15 back squats
6 strict pullups OR 9 chest to bar pullups OR 12 regular pullups

5 rounds

Mix and match movements as desired. For example, one round you can do 2 laps, 9 overhead squats, and 6 strict pullups. Another round you can do 300m row, 15 back squats, and 12 regular pullups.

Option 1: 95/65
Option 2: 75/55; 15 ring rows instead of pullups
Option 1+: 115/75; for the squats and pullups, you must perform all movements at least once (one round you must do overhead squats, one round front squats, one round back squats, one round strict pullups, one round chest to bar, one round regular)

Combine options as desired.