WOD Fri Sep 21, 2018

Part 1: barbell warmup

Practice and warm up the barbell movements in the workout. If desired, you may use this time to do 5-3-1+ deadlifts or presses.


In 3 minutes, perform the following AMRAP:

5 deadlifts (rounds 1-2) / 5 shoulder to overhead (rounds 3-4)
7 box jumps
9/7 cal row or bike

4 rounds. Rest 3 minutes between rounds.

Begin rounds 2 and 4 where you ended rounds 1 and 3. For example, if at the end of the first round you had completed the 7th box jump, begin round 2 on the row.

Begin round 3 with the shoulder to overhead, regardless of where you ended round 2.

Your score is the total number of reps accomplished. There are 21 reps per round for men, and 19 reps per round for women.

Option 1: 185/125 deadlifts; 95/65 shoulder to overhead
Option 2: 135/95 deadlifts; 75/55 shoulder to overhead
Option 1+: 225/155 deadlifts; 115/75 shoulder to overhead