WOD Mon Sep 24, 2018

Part 1: Clean 3×1

Full or power.



Cleans (full) (135/95)
Ring Dips


Option 2: power cleans (135/95) instead of full cleans; pushups 35/25/15 instead of ring dips
Option 3: kb swings 30/20/10 instead of cleans

Modify the cleans or power cleans by reducing the weight.

Modify the ring dips by doing matador dips. No bands on the rings.

Combine options as desired.

Then (optional)…

25 back squats (165/115)
25 pullups
25 burpees

Squat from the rack, but drop it on the floor after you’re done if you need a pullup bar.

Option 2: 135/95
Option 3: 95/65; 35 ring rows instead of pullups