WOD Wed Sep 12, 2018

Part 1: Front Squat 5-3-1+

Last set is for max reps. Percentages are approximately 75%-80%-85% or more.

If front squats are difficult due to wrist or shoulder flexibility, do back squats, but spend time practicing front squat mobility.


EMOM, for 10 minutes

Back Squat 10-1
AMRAP burpees over the bar

Your score is the total burpees accomplished.

Option 1: 135/95
Option 2: 95/65
Option 1+: 155/105

The first minute you do 10 back squats followed by AMRAP burpees. The second minute you do 9 back squats followed by AMRAP burpees. Etc.

Squat from the rack if the clean is uncomfortable or limits the weight you can do.