WOD Mon Jan 28, 2019

Part 1: Paused Back Squat 5×3

Light weight. Short rest between sets. Two second pause at the bottom. Focus on form and mobility.

Good form for partial range of motion is always better than bad form for full range of motion.


15 wallballs
30 pullups
15 wallballs
45/36 cal row (no bike)
15 wallballs
30 knees to elbows
15 wallballs
45 situps
15 wallballs

Option 2: ring rows; hanging knee raises
Option 1+: 20 heavy wallballs each round; chest to bar pullups
Option 1++: row before pullups; situps before knees to elbows

That last one is really just for a few crazy people at the 530am class…

Then (optional)…

5 kb swings
5 burpees

AMRAP in 5 minutes. Cap of 10 rounds.

Choose your own kb weight.