WOD Thu Jan 10, 2019

Part 1: Bench Press 5 (65%) – 5 (75%) – 5+ (85%)

Add 5 lbs to your max.


Partner WOD

In teams of 2, perform

10 kb shoulder to overhead (5r/5l)
15 situps
10 box jumps
20 Russian twists (20/14)
10/8 cal row or bike

AMRAP in 20 minutes

Partners take turns doing exercises. One person must complete all reps of an exercise before switching.

Choose your own kb weight. Modify the difficulty by using a heavier kb, or by doing GHD situps, or by jumping on the box, or by using a taller box, or by using a heavy wallball, or by doing all of the above.

Option Lone Wolf: do it alone