WOD Thu Feb 28, 2019

Part 1: Press or Bench Press 3×10


Option 1:

45 toes to bar
60 pushups
75 wallballs
90 situps

Option 2:

30 toes to bar
45 pushups
60 wallballs
75 situps

For either option, you may perform the exercises in any order and partition the reps however you desire. For instance, Option 1 can be done as 5 rounds of 9 toes to bar, 12 pushups, 15 wallballs, and 18 situps. You can also chip away in random order, or go straight through if you’d like.

Option 1+: heavy wallball; 30 handstand pushups (strict if desired) instead of 60 regular pushups

Modify the toes to bar by doing hanging knee raises.