WOD Wed Feb 13, 2019

WOD Wed Feb 13, 2019

Part 1: Strict Pullups

Practice makes perfect. Use a band if necessary.

If you want, go for max unbroken or do 3 sets of max unbroken, but you can also save it for the workout if you’d like.


1 minute AMRAP strict pullups
1 minute AMRAP box jumps
1 minute AMRAP pushups
1 minute AMRAP wallballs

2 minutes rest

4 rounds

Option 2: kipping pullups
Option 3: ring rows; box pushups
Option 1+: strict handstand pushups; heavy wallball

You may do the exercises in any order, but all rounds must be the same.

Modify by doing both strict pullups and kipping pullups. For example, each round do 5 strict followed by AMRAP kipping. Or do two rounds strict and two rounds kipping. Bottom line: do some strict pullups if you can. If you finish with 100 kipping pullups and 4 strict pullups, you did it wrong.