WOD Mon May 6, 2019

Warm Up

Mobility: hip floss 2 minutes per side, then:

Accumulate 2 minutes on either the rower, bike, or ski erg (increasing the pace), then:

10 lateral duck walk steps
8 plank plus
6 squat jumps (with empty barbell if desired)

3 rounds, not for time


Establish a 1RM back squat

Work up to something heavy but do not compromise form.

If you are newer to weight lifting, or if your one rep max days are over, use lighter weight and establish a 5RM instead.

Keep track of this number as it will be used going forward.


1250/1000m row
60 air squats
30 kb swings

AMRAP in 18 minutes


1500m/1250m row
80 air squats
20 hang cleans (full, power, or both)

Option 1: 135/95
Option 2: 95/65


1500m/1250m row
40 pistols (alternating r/l)
20 hang cleans (185/115) (full, power, or both)

*For the serious competitor in mind. Know your limitations and please listen to your coach.

Combine options, and modify the barbell weight for any option, as desired.

Optional Accessory Work

Strict Handstand Pushups
Toes to Bar


Modify the HSPU by reducing range of motion, by doing pike pushups on a box, or by doing 2x regular pushups.

Modify the toes to bar by doing GHD situps, hanging knee raises, or v-ups.

Optional Weekly WOD

7 pullups
5 burpee box jumps

5 rounds