WOD Thu May 2, 2019

Part 1: Front Squat 4×3

Or use this time to work on front-rack mobility.


10 Front Squats (135/95)
15 Burpees

5 Rounds

A note from Will about programming…

This was the first WOD I ever programmed at BHCF, all the way back on June 20, 2011.

So much has changed since then — there was no Part 1, or Option 1, 2, or 1+ in those days — but the one thing that has remained constant over almost eight years and thousands of workouts is the great honor I have felt to be entrusted with such an important responsibility. When you walk into BHCF and do the WOD you do what I have asked you to do. I have always taken this very seriously, and while there were definitely some mistakes made along the way, I always tried my hardest to be the best programmer I could possibly be. Thank you for trusting me with this responsibility, especially those of you who have been around since June 20, 2011.

In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to feel like I’m doing a good job of this. It’s hard to be creative after writing 1,000+ workouts, and it’s difficult for a person to overcome their natural biases in programming. As a result, at least for a while, I will no longer be doing the programming at BHCF. My first WOD will also be my last.

There are dozens of excellent sources of CrossFit programming now, done by educated professionals who are better at this than me. We analyzed and evaluated many of them and found one that fits perfectly with both our past and our future. You may not even notice a difference, but I felt a duty to let you know. And I wanted to thank you all for your loyalty in following our programming over the years. As I said at the start, it has been a tremendous honor.

This will be a good thing for you — and for your gains. I’m sure of it.