6th Annual Nick and Ryan Hero WOD

On August 2, 2011, Rapid City Police Department Officers Ryan McCandless and Nick Armstrong were shot in the line of duty. Ofc. McCandless died that day; Ofc. Armstrong passed away a few days later. Their deaths were a huge loss to the Rapid City community, which was deeply impacted by the event.

A couple of years later, Pennington County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason O’Cilka approached BHCF with the suggestion for a Nick and Ryan Hero WOD. In CrossFit, a Hero WOD is a workout done to honor the sacrifice made by members of law enforcement and the military who have been killed in action. By design, Hero WODs are harder than your everyday CrossFit workout, with additional volume and difficulty — a physical sacrifice to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Using the fallen officers’ badge numbers to form the rep scheme, Dep. O’Cilka came up with an excellent workout to honor Nick and Ryan, and six year later we continue the tradition.

Thank you, Nick and Ryan. Thank you Dep. O’Cilka for coming up with the idea of a workout to honor them. Thank you to all RCPD and PCSO officers and deputies who put their lives at risk to keep the rest of us safe. Thank you to the firefighters and first responders who are there for us when things go bad. Thank you to the members of the United States Armed Forces, who do things most people are unwilling to do to preserve our freedom and liberty. Thank you to all who serve.

Please join us on Saturday August 17 to honor Ofc. Nick Armstrong (ID #639) and Ofc. Ryan McCandless (ID #577).

Nick and Ryan

2 laps kettlebell farmer’s carry, followed by:

5 strict pullups
7 box jumps
7 deadlifts (155/105)
6 front squats (155/105)
3 shoulder to overhead (155/105)
9 burpees

5 rounds