Monday:  September 2, 2019

Warm-Up(0:00 – 10:00)

Mobility:  Athlete’s choice:  Spend 2-4 minutes either foam rolling glutes/hams/quads or spend some time using bands to loosen up shoulders/scapular regions

Then 3 Steady Rounds
6 Wall Balls
6 Burpees

Strength(10:00 – 25:00)
Thrusters:  Warm up the barbell for the WOD.  If you’re feeling like going heavy today, feel free to attempt a 1RM thruster (from the floor).

WOD(30:00 – 60:00) Strict 30:00 Time Cap

“Wall Ball Kalsu”
Accumulate 100 Wall Balls
EMOM (starting at 3-2-1 go) 3 burpees

“Light Kalsu”
Accumulate 100 Thrusters (95/65)
EMOM (starting at 3-2-1 go) 4 burpees

Option 2:  Thruster weight at 75/55 (if possible, use a trainer bar so you’re not dropping the barbells with only 10lb plates on them)

Accumulate 100 Thrusters (135/95)
EMOM (starting at 3-2-1 go) 5 burpees

Happy Labor Day!