A note from Coach Natalie


As the coronavirus, COVID-19 has hit a pandemic worldwide, Black Hills CrossFit would like you to know we are keeping a close eye and doing our own personal efforts as a business to keep our community healthy. There are some implications to note and would like you to understand what BHCF is asking of you.

First, we do not plan to close the gym unless mandated by local, state, or federal government. With that being said, we will be doing everything to keep the facility and space clean and all attempts of a viral-free area. This includes:

  • Hand sanitizer will be available until our supply runs out and more become available.
  • All equipment MUST be wiped down before and after use and WODs
  • Increased daily cleaning of surfaces and door handles.

We are asking you to PLEASE stay home if you have any of the following if you have any flu like symptoms, but especially if you have any of these symptoms:

  • Fever – a true fever is considered greater than 100.4
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Any “flu” like symptoms with:
    • Any recent contact to positive case
    • Travel to states with high prevalence (WA, CA, NY, CO, TX, IA, IL, GE, and FL) – this is subject to change and you may go to the websites: CDC, WHO, or Department of Health to get the latest up to date, ACCURATE info.
    • Travel to level 3 country (Japan, Italy, S. Korea, China, Iran)

You must understand that coming to the gym to workout does pose a risk, but so does going to any public facility. By showing up, you knowingly accept that risk.

We are asking each and every one of you to HELP reduce the risk of transmission by consistently wiping down equipment before and after your workout. Wash your hands for minimum of 20 seconds when using the restroom, before and after workouts. Try to not touch your face while at the gym.  Avoid touching surfaces that are potentially contaminated. We will be REDUCING “high fives” during this time and encourage elbow taps or head nods “congrats!”

During this time, we will also be posting 2-3 at HOME workouts weekly on the website that you can complete in the space of your own home if you feel run down or choose to reduce your personal risk during this time.

We will be honoring and following the current recommended health care recommendations. If you have any flu like symptoms especially the 3 main listed above or have contact with someone that has positive COVID-19 – PLEASE SELF QUARANTINE YOURSELF and stay home from the GYM for 14 days as this is the current mandated length. This is IMPERATIVE to reduce risk of spread and for the overall well-being of our CrossFit community.

-Natalie Woolridge, Certified Nurse Practitioner


If you decide to stay home, WODPrep has prepared 28 home workouts you can do to “stay fit during COVID 19”.  They can be downloaded by clicking here.