Corona Virus Update

Dear Members,

The Corona virus pandemic has been an unprecedented challenge to families, schools, medical professionals, businesses, and individuals across all walks of life. It’s safe to say no one has ever dealt with something like this before. Balancing the interests between public health and personal responsibility/risk tolerance is not an easy task. These are uncharted waters.

We all know how important exercise and fitness is to overall health and wellbeing — both physical and mental. We know that many of you NEED the outlet that the gym provides. We don’t want to close our doors at Black Hills CrossFit, and it is our sincere wish and prayer that we will not need to. Like everyone else, we hope for a return to normal as soon as possible.

But things are most definitely NOT normal right now, and to keep our members (and anyone they come in contact with) safe and healthy, we have no choice but to temporarily change some of the ways we do business at BHCF.

Beginning Monday March 23, the following rules will be implemented:

1. Until further notice, we will no longer be accepting drop ins.

2. If you are a member who has recently traveled out of state, especially if you traveled by air, we ask that you quarantine yourself for a period of no less than 14 days before returning to the gym.

3. To comply with CDC recommendations, classes will be limited to nine individuals (plus one coach). If you want to ensure a spot in class, we ask that you communicate that to us in advance, either by email, Facebook message, Facebook comment, or text message to Richie. For those who want the flexibility to come to class without preregistration, as long as the class has under nine attendees, you will be welcome. If the class is full, you can either come back for the next class or use the auxiliary side of the gym.

4. If you wish to remain at the gym beyond the class time, we ask that you sequester yourself to the auxiliary side of the gym.

5. If you have 24/7 access, we ask that you utilize it and try to come to the gym in off hours.

6. Regardless of when you come to the gym, please wash your hands immediately upon arrival. If you bring children with you, please ensure that they do the same. If you do happen to unknowingly have the virus, washing your hands before making contact with any equipment is the best way to prevent contamination and transmission to others.

7. Thoroughly clean all equipment after use and then wash your hands again.

8. If you feel even remotely sick, do not even consider coming to the gym.

We are doing everything we can to keep the facility clean and safe, to include daily disinfecting of all equipment and surfaces, increased floor cleaning, and constant vigilance with respect to information and recommendations from governmental and medical professionals. We will also continue to post at-home workouts for those who wish to avoid the gym altogether. Richie is always available for remote coaching; please feel free to reach out to him with any questions or workout requests. But to make this work — to ensure that BHCF can remain open, and every one of its members remains virus free — it must be a collaboration between all of us.

In the end, BHCF has never been just about the workouts. It has always been more about the gym community, and the one thing we know for sure is that the community will survive this. We will continue to navigate this challenge the best we can, with the best intentions for our members and Rapid City as a whole in mind. We look forward to a return to normal and a revitalized focus on forging elite fitness for any and all who walk through our doors, as we have for the last decade.

Until then, stay safe. Our members mean everything to us, and we are grateful beyond words for your continued loyalty. Thank you.