It’s the time of year where everyone is in a tizzy over NCAA basketball, so we thought we would capitalize on the energy!  Black Hills CrossFit has two members that are currently faced with significant medical debt and we would like to help alleviate some of that pressure so they can focus on thriving.  With that, we will be holding a March Madness basketball bracket with all proceeds going to these two members.  Here’s how it works:

  1. On Selection Sunday we will upload a bracket you can print at home, OR, you can pick up a copy from the gym when you are in.
  2. Completely fill out the bracket, including a tie break score.
  3. Return the bracket to the gym with $10 cash BY THE END OF DAY WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18!! No exceptions!!
  4. Hope you made the right selections!

We will award prizes for the top 3 winners, as well as a few random drawings just for participating. You DO NOT need to be a member to reap the benefits of winning, so please have your family and friends join in!

First place: One-month membership at BHCFor$100 gift card to Downtown Rapid City

Second place: Prize package including BHCF apparel, jump rope, and foam roller, or$50 gift card to Downtown Rapid City

Third place: BHCF apparel or$20 gift card to Downtown Rapid City

Points will be awarded for correct picks as follows:

1stround (64 teams) = 1 point

2ndround (32 teams) = 2 points

3rdround (16 teams) = 4 points

4thround (8 teams) = 8 points

5thround (4 teams) = 16 points

Championship game = 32 points

Thank you for participating, and good luck!!