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The Chalk Conundrum

Written by Mike Hom from CrossFit Invictus It began as an off-handed joke. It progressed into semi-serious statements. It evolved into full-blown declarations. “Chalk is overrated.” Pro-Chalk I used to be pro-chalk. I used to believe dusting up my hands to a coat of pearly, bleached white would ensure victory in my workouts and help more »

Oh for fun

I had a recent revelation of sorts while reading Mark Sisson’s “The Primal Blueprint.” I reference Sisson’s blog, MDA, a lot because I like his approach and his common-sense advice. Although he is zealous about primal eating, he is not fanatical. In a health industry run amok by fitness nazis, it’s refreshing to find someone more »

Twists and turns

If I had my druthers (By the way, druthers is a great word. Feel free to use it as often as you’d like. In fact, consider it your word WOD. As many druthers as you can work into a conversation. For time. … But I digress.), upon entering this world, I would have been handed more »


I am not an expert at most — well, really any — forms or kinds of exercise. But I do know how to rest. I can rest like nobody’s business. I am a Super Rester. But honestly, a lot of times, the importance of rest, of letting your body heal and recover and strengthen, gets more »

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

In case you were wondering about the title of today’s blog, you probably realized it’s from “The Sound of Music” song “My Favorite Things,” which is what today’s post is about. I complain a lot — endless, actually — about the exercises I hate in certain WODs, but there are some movements I really do more »

Balancing the scales

I’ve thought a lot recently about Justin’s recent post “Stay off the Scale.” In theory, I would love to agree with everything he said (editor’s note to Justin: I’m going to only partially throw you under the bus here. Please don’t raise my membership fee. Or make me do extra burpees.). Nothing would give me more »

Paleo update

I’ve been at the paleo diet for a month now, so I thought it was time for an update. Just as a clarification, I didn’t go strictly paleo. I mixed in a little bit of what Mark Sisson has termed “primal.” So, I ate a little dairy in week three and then found that it may not more »

The turtles are laughing

I am slow. I’m not talking mentally, though that’s actually up for debate. I am slow at CrossFit W.O.D.s. Still. After three months. In fact, I’m so slow that I’m almost always the last person to finish the W.O.D. Even when new people start. Does this bother me? Hell yes. Should it bother me? I more »

By the numbers

My CrossFit numbers … Times gone to CrossFit: 34 Total deadlift: 205 pounds Total back squat: 105 pounds Total overhead press: 75 pounds Box jump height: 20 inches Kettlebell: 35 pounds Pushups without stopping: 20 Pullups without stopping: 6 Wallball weight: 10 pounds Times I’ve wanted to die after a workout: 34 My paleo/primal/caveman numbers more »

%*#@$ paleo …

So, I caved. Really, I thought joining CrossFit would be the last time I gave in to peer pressure. But here I am, almost one full week into trying the paleo diet. It’s not that I have any particular beef (horrible pun gleefully intended) with the paleo diet. It seems like a sensible way to more »

The social aspect

I went to my old gym for two and a half years and never met anyone new. I’ve been going to CrossFit for three months and have met at least a dozen people. It’s amazing what you find in common with someone who’s siting beside you, dripping sweat after burpees and lunges and pull ups more »

In the beginning, there was Fat Girl

Although CrossFit is quickly growing in popularity, many people still have lots of questions — and possible misconceptions — about the exercise program. To give those who are interested a better idea about what CrossFit is like and what a first-timer can expect, new Black Hills CrossFit member Hillary Dobbs will blog about her experiences more »

Of Botox, CrossFit … and Fear — Part II

Full disclosure: I am pretty much a coward. Most days, fear overcomes me far more than I overcome it. So, it’s not really surprising that when I first heard about CrossFit, the very idea of it scared the bejesus out of me. The only reason I tried it was because I was more afraid that I was missing out on something. If I had given in to the lesser fear, I’d have lost out on something that completely changed what I knew about working out. And, to a greater extent, what I knew about myself.

Of Botox and CrossFit — Part I

Although I don’t recommend injecting your face with botulism as a form of anger management, the article did get me thinking about CrossFit and my “Fake It ’Til You Make It” philosophy.

And then there were three

Back in the day when I sold books door-to-door for kicks and giggles and college beer money, they told us at sales school that it takes three weeks to form a habit. They meant 21 days. And although I haven’t gone to CrossFit 21 times in the past month, as of today, I have been more »