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WOD Thursday Jan 19, 2012

1000m row 500 single unders 100 kb swings (55/35) 50 knees to elbows May be done in any order but each exercise must be completed before moving on to the next. Scale the WOD by doing it in rounds.

“This is how I roll”

A good article on foam rolling. Here’s part, click the link for the whole thing. So now you know if you tear muscles, you tear fascia. What you don’t know is every time you work out, you are tearing muscle fibers. It’s nothing to be scared of as that’s how you build strength. However, both more »

WOD Wednesday Jan 18, 2012

Overhead Squat 3-3-3 Or work on OHS mobility, flexibility, and technique. Then… 21 overhead squats (95/65) 42 pushups (or ring pushups) 15 overhead squats 30 pushups 9 overhead squats 18 pushups


“You guys that worry about eating ‘clean’ are actually merely bodybuilders looking for justification for your obsession with abs. You cannot get big and strong on 3000 calories a day. And you cannot eat 7000 calories a day and eat perfectly ‘clean.’”

WOD Monday Jan 16, 2012

Roy 15 deadlifts (225/155) 20 box jumps (24/20) 25 pullups 5 rounds 40 minute time limit This is a Hero WOD. Hero WODs are named in honor of military and law enforcement members who have died in the line of duty. Accordingly, these WODs are longer and more challenging than most WODs. Completing a Hero more »

WOD Friday Jan 13, 2012

The Chief 3 power cleans (135/95) 6 pushups 9 squats AMRAP in 3 minutes Do 5 cycles with 1 minute rest in between each. Your score is the total reps accomplished in all 5 cycles. Yes, you’ll have to do some math, but each full round has 18 reps.

Also from the mainsite…

The CrossFit mainsite has lots of interesting information posted on a daily basis. Ya’ll should check it out. Also check out the comments to the posts. There’s a guy named “bingo” who, in the month of January each year, writes comments that are directed toward those who are new to CrossFit. His comments are well more »

Mainsite Pic

Wintertime BHCFer and pullup master Heather Cronin’s husband Mike is pictured on the CrossFit mainsite ( today! I’d post the photo but that might get us into trouble, so just click here instead. Ok, so he can climb, but what’s his Fran time? Just kidding. Congrats Heather and Mike! You’re famous!

WOD Thursday Jan 12, 2012

Press 5-5-5 Then… 9 push press (95/65) 12 kb swings (55/35) 15 box jumps 5 rounds

WOD Tuesday Jan 10, 2012

8 pullups (or 3 muscle-ups) 16 burpees 24 double unders AMRAP in 18 minutes Write your time on the board and “MU” if you did muscle-ups.

WOD Monday Jan 9, 2012

15 deadlifts (135/95) 15 pushups 10 rounds 24 minute time limit Scale the weight and/or the rounds to make sure you get it done within the time limit. Then… Deadlift hold for time (225/155) Pull the weight and then hold the bar as long as possible before your grip strength goes out. Write the time more »

WOD Friday Dec 6, 2012

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 Then… 10 ring dips 15 sumo deadlifts (135/95) 20 box jumps (24/20) 4 rounds

Quality vs. Quantity

An interesting post from CrossFit Seattle. Here’s part, click the link for the whole thing: That’s where Level 2 comes in. At this level you need more complex movement together with stricter technique standards. We design the workouts to be harder and, in some cases, shorter than the Level 1 classes. That’s right, shorter. To more »

WOD Thursday Jan 5, 2012

4 tasks 1000m row (or run to the mailbox and back 5 times) 100 burpees 100 Russian twists (20/14) (total) 100 lunges (total) Can be done in any order and/or broken up. If it’s dark, be careful running.

WOD Wednesday Jan 4, 2011

Strength/Skill: Snatch 1-1-1-1-1 Work on squat snatch or power snatch, or both. If you’re comfortable with the snatch, go as heavy as you safely can. If you’re not comfortable with the snatch, work on technique. Then… 3 snatch (135/75) (squat or power snatch are both ok) 6 toes to bar 9 wallballs (20/14) AMRAP in more »

World Record Plank

1:20. Yes, one hour and twenty minutes. Cool story with video. Click the link.