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Workout Of the Day

Monday April 5 2010 For Time: 200 m Run__50 Squats___50 Push ups___50 Sit-ups___50 Burpees___Run 200m

Website Update

What would you like to see different on Are there any options you think should be added or changes that would make the site better. Do you have content you are wanting to read here that isn’t listed. Leave a comment on your thoughts and we’ll see what we can do to make this more »

Road to the Combat Challenge

As many of you are aware I have been competing in the Fire Fighter Combat Challenge for almost ten years.  My first competition was in Oklahoma City in June 2000; my time was a blistering 2:28. I lay on the ground for about 45 minutes after that run. It was about 95 degrees that day, more »

Workout Of the Day

For Time” 10 Front Squats___10 Lunges___10 K.B Swings___10 Knees & Elbows___10 Rounds

Moving day.

Thanks today for all your help moving over to the new suite.  With your help we will continue to grow and improve in all aspects.  thank you for making this possible.  See you on Monday.

Workout Of the Day

For time: Carri 500 m Row___21-15-9___of Pullups, Pushups, Squats____500m Row

Workout Of the Day

Wednesday March 24 2010 For Time: 15 Reps for:  Decline pushup___Wall Balls 20# 10’___Box Jumps___K.B swings________6Rounds

Workout Of the Day

Tuesday March 23 2010 For Time:  10 Push Press___15 Situps___25 Squats___30 Parallett jumps________4 Rounds


CROSSFIT TOTALS FEMALES         TOTAL WEIGHT           SCORE 1.    KELIE                485 LB                      412.638 2.    JAMI                  415 LB                      378.065 3.    SUMMER         510 LB                      354.756 4.    MELLISA          375 LB                      317.325 5.    AMANDA         365 LB                      303.023 6.    HILLARY D      385 LB                      297.874 7.    BETTY              340 LB                      285.94 8.    PAULA       395 LB                      284.242 9.    KATHY             355 LB                      more »

SCHEDULE CHANGES I wanted to remind everybody that, there will be no evening classes today or any morning classes on Monday March, 22nd. Starting in April we will be eliminating the 5am class.  But we will be adding a 1100-1200 class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s.  I encourage people to look at the schedule at more »

Workout Of the Day

Thrusday March 18 2010 For Time: 20-15-10-5-10-15-20 Incline Pushups___Deadlifts___Knees to Elbows___Wallballs

Trainers Log

Weds March 17 2010.                        I have to give a shout out to the Lady’s today.  Great job way to show up and represent.   Enjoy your st. Patty’s day.

Work Out of the Day

Weds  March 17 2010 16 S.D.H.P 14 K.B swings over head, 12 Pullups__5 Rounds

Workout Of the Day

Tues March 16 2010 For Time: 100 Jump Ropes, 20 Box Jumps, 15 Pushups, 10 Trusters, 10 Rounds

Trainers log

Trainers Log March 11, 2010 Well the Crossfit total challenge is off and running with big numbers already posted. Look forward to seeing all of our clients improve over this next month. Also the Dublin dash is just around the corner. I heard that bloody marries never tasted better then after the dash. Justin and more »

Workout Of the Day

CrossFit Total starts today. Weigh in Max Press Max Back squat Max Dead Lift For Total #

Workout of the day

Tuesday March 9 2010 For Time: 2 Down and backs___10 Dead lifts___30 Situps___30 Wallballs 10′ 4 Down and backs___10 Dead lifts___30 Situps___30 Wallballs 10′ 2 Down and backs___10 Dead lifts___30 Situps___30 Wallballs 10′ For Time

W.O.D Monday March 8 2010

For time: ______Team Work out:____(Row 200m @ a time). When you are done rowing do:(____20 Situps____15 K.B swings____10 Brupees). Do as many rounds need to get a total row distance of 8000m

Trainer’s Log

Monday March 8 2010 I think I should start this log with a little personal info about me Keith Trojanowski: 10 things you may or may not know about me: 1. I have no middle name 2. I don’t grown hair on my head 3. I am 31 4. I am from Wyo. Go pokes more »